Bonjour, I’m Pierre.  I’m a Parrot and have lived at the Zoo Academy for over 5 years.  I speak 5 different languages fluently and understand many more.  You could say I’m something of a specialist in languages and like to use these skills to help out wherever I can.  We have lots of visitors to our amazing Zoo Academy from all around the world and my skills are called upon quite a lot.  Without me, how would all the wonderful children who visit us from other countries be able to speak to half of our animals?  I know these animals are classed as ‘special’ by some people but some of them barely speak 1 or 2 languages.  Nothing special about them in my eyes but you know, who am I to criticize.

Anyway, I feature in a lot of the Zoo Academy books so I’m sure our paths will cross.  Bye for now, arrivederci.

The Zoo Academy Special Edition – Vol. 1-3


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